PC Answering Machine - Professional Edition

PC Answering Machine - Professional Edition 2.1

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Usually there are various situations wherein one wouldn’t like to miss an important call, even while being away from residence, and the answering machines are a good way to get the job done. However, user needs to purchase them separately and maintain them, and the PC Answering Machine Professional Edition 2.0 is an good cost-effective substitute to an answering machine, which even provides Caller ID support by converting the computer into an answering machine.

PC Answering Machine includes all possible options, which simplify the process of accepting and returning a call, and also allows the user to read registered calls with the Date Picker option. It has a tremendous capability to show call records from a week ago, month or even the ones that were made/received a year back, which is achieved by saving a call-log onto the computer.

The application also allows the user to save the voice messages with four different compressed modes, on the commonly-used WAV format, with a bandwidth of up to 1.1 KBPS.

If user’s telephone line and modem support the Caller ID feature, it also provides advanced functionalities such as blocking calls, activating events and notices, creating customized messages for specific incoming phone numbers, and even creating websites, in which the user can read, edit, erase phone calls received and even change the general features from anywhere in the world using any Internet browser. It is also possible to forward the incoming calls details to e-mail.

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  • User can create Personal Web-Site for creating log of call records


  • Functionality is quite tedious for novice users
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